The Small Print - Conditions of Let & Cancellation Policy

Firstly, we are not in the business of making money out of our guests misfortune. Hopefully not, but should some catastrophe befall your family and you have to cancel your holiday, we will refund your deposit in full if this occurs in excess of 4 months from the commencement date of your holiday at our discretion. If cancellation occurs within 4 months of the commencement date of your holiday then we reserve the right to retain the £100 deposit (or portion thereof) paid at time of securing your booking. If you have to cancel within 4 weeks of the commencement date of your holiday we reserve the right to retain all monies paid to us. We strongly suggest that guests take out holiday insurance to guard against the possibility of cancellation.

Should some catastrophe occur at our properties which is totally beyond our reasonable control, we will take all reasonable steps to find you alternative accommodation. If suitable accommodation cannot be found, then all monies paid by the visitor will be refunded in full immediately. We will have no further liability to the renter or any party.

We dislike having to make house rules, mostly they are not required as we have found in our experience that our guests treat the properties with respect and most rules are just common sense anyway.

The letting period is from 3 pm on the day of arrival until 10 am on the day of departure. Lettings are normally Saturday to Saturday. Alternative arrangements can sometimes be made, only with prior agreement with ourselves.

All reservations must be confirmed with a signed copy of our booking form together with your deposit of £100. The balance of the rental cost must be paid in full at least four weeks prior to the commencement date of your holiday.

The number of persons occupying Wee Dalerb must not exceed the maximum occupancy level of four adults (sorry but children, infants, or pets are not allowed in Wee Dalerb at any time). Put-You-Up beds are not allowed at any time.

Sub-letting or assignation is strictly prohibited.

Smoking is not allowed at any time. We reserve the right to evict with immediate effect all renters from the property should smoking occur on the premises. No refund will be given should the smoking rule be contravened. Smoking is permitted in the garden grounds at a distance away from all doors and windows and all cigarette ends and debris must be disposed of directly into the outside Council wheely bins, and not at any time into the indoor garbage bins.

The person who signs the booking form will be responsible for ensuring that the conditions of let are adhered to, and for any loss or damage to the accommodation and its contents, allowing for fair wear and tear.

The accommodation should be kept clean and in good condition and any breakages reported to us immediately (and not when leaving). If, in our sole judgement, excessive cleaning is required a cleaning charge of £50 will be levied. All dishes, pots & pans must be left clean and tidy in their respective places. Dirty dishes should not be left.Never discard food remnants, tea bags etc in the garden area as a way of re-cycling. We are happy to provide fresh bedding to replace any bedding accidentally soiled by a young child. This will be provided by us at a nominal charge of £10 per full bed set. We prefer to launder all white bedding ourselves, if you choose to launder it and accidentally ruin it (i.e. burn it with an iron or wash it in with dark colours) then you will be required to pay the full amount for a new replacement.

We reserve the right to refuse to hand over the accommodation to anyone who, in our opinion, is not suitable to take charge of the property. We also reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time or to remove any person or persons due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to the property, or causing or likely to cause annoyance or offence to adjacent properties/neighbours. In such cases of termination of the contract, any refund would be at our discretion.

The property is let for the purposes of a holiday let to which Section 12(2) and paragraph 8 of Schedule 4 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988 apply. The booking agreement confers a right to occupy to accommodation for the agreed period only.